Bundi, Rajasthan

The final place I visited in Rajasthan was a small town called Bundi. The main attractions here are the enormous palace and fort which are over 600 years old and have been left in a state of disrepair for many years. There were almost no other visitors and the buildings are now home to monkeys and bats. With crumbling walls and plants taking root everywhere, it has the feeling of a lost kingdom. As I explored the fort and palace, I felt like Indiana Jones. Taking a bamboo cane with me was essential as some of the monkeys get really aggressive (usually when you intrude on them mating).

Going back to the main town, it had the most amazing wells I have ever seen. They almost look like an inverted pyramid, with steps leading down to the water at the bottom. The wells are no longer used, but hundreds of years ago this was the main source of water for washing.

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