The Southern Beaches, Goa

From Mumbai I headed south on a 13 hour train to Goa. Making my way to the nearest beach, it felt a bit too ‘package holiday’ for me, so I hired a scooter for the week and headed to Goa’s Southern Beaches to stay at a beach called Palolem. The roads were very quiet and Goa immediately felt like a very different place to the rest of India. Palolem is a beautiful arched beach which is lined with coco huts and chilled out restaurants between the palm trees - an ideal place to unwind after the often chaotic cities of Northern India.

Palolem Beach

This cow is still working on his tan.

One morning I went kayaking at dawn and was surrounded by bottle nose dolphins. Sadly it was a bit tricky to take photos on a Kayak and this was the best I managed.

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